Developmental Disabilities

Developmental Disabilities
(services for individuals with developmental disabilities and children 0-3 with developmental delays)

The Developmental Disabilities Unit offers a wide range of services to residents of Indiana County with developmental and intellectual disabilities as well as to their families or caretakers. These services are provided at no cost to the family or individual.

Early Intervention Service Coordinators provide services to children aged birth to three years who have or are at risk for developmental delays.  The program is a family-focused / family-centered delivery system.  Services are provided to the child based upon strengths, concerns, priorities and resources identified by the family.  Service Coordinators will help parents identify their goals for their children and for themselves, establish and maintain links among resources, services and supports, document and track delivery of services and evaluate how these services meet the family goals, and advocate on behalf of the child and their family.  Early Intervention services are offered in Indiana County.

Developmental Disability Supports Coordinators assist consumers (ages 3 and up) and their families with obtaining whatever services are needed to maximize growth and potential or to help meet basic needs. Professionally trained Supports Coordinators assist individuals and families in obtaining services that are needed to meet basic needs and enhance independence.  Eligibility for Supports Coordination services must include a documented diagnosis of intellectual disability (IQ<70) prior to the age of 22 and a standardized assessment of adaptive functioning.  Developmental Disability services are offered in Indiana County.


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